Based in London, Templeman Consulting has been providing training, writing and consultancy services since 1998.

Julian spent over 15 years as a developer before starting his own company. He has programmed in more than 20 languages, on systems ranging from 8-bit microcontrollers to Cray supercomputers, and in industries ranging from oil and gas to finance.

Main areas of expertise include the curly-bracket languages (C and C++, Java, Scala and C#) and software development.

Our Services

A little about what we do


We provide classroom training at all scales, from small groups to large graduate training programs, from half a day to four months in length. We have a range of course materials, which can be customised to suit. We can also provide remote training, and are starting to provide video training materials.

Current course offerings include:
Scala, Introductory and Advanced
C++ and C, all levels
C# Programming, all levels
Python Programming
Introduction to Functional Programming
Software Development Methodologies
Agile Development

Technical Writing

We can design and write anything from a blog article to a complete book.

A very experienced writer, Julian is an author on 11 programming books, and has created content for a number of large organizations, including Microsoft.


Over 40 years in software development means that Julian is well placed to consult on software development and mentoring.

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9 Aug, 2017

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10 Apr, 2017

Do you know what "unspecified behaviour" is in C++?

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